How do I sign up multiple students for the program?
Click on the Sign up bottom on the group page, fill out the necessary information, and pre-register how many students you would like to certify. Upon payment a Group ID will be issued to you. Give this Group ID to your students, direct them to visit us at and select group log in. There, the student would input his group id under group member box. The course is automatically selected for the students based on the selections you chose during registration.

Will I get any updates on how many students have taken the course?
Yes, you will receive updates as soon as one of your group members receives a certificate, you will also receive summary statistics, like how many students have been certified, how many certificates you have remaining, as well as other relevant information.

Will the discount be applied automatically to my purchase?
Yes, depending on how many certificates you purchased the discount will be applied during the check out.

Will I be able to buy additional licenses and will the discount still be applied?
Yes, you will be able to add additional certificates as needed. If the additional licenses purchased put you in a different discount group, you will receive a higher discount.

For any additional questions, please email us at