CPR Certification Final Test  
1. Brain damage is likely if intervention occurs __________ after the heart stops
2-4 Minutes
4-6 Minutes
6-10 Minutes
None of the above
2. CPR must be performed if these conditions exist: Unconsciousness and No Breathing and/or No Pulse
3. C in CAB stands for:
4. What is a recommended position for the victim when performing CPR
Lying flat on his/her back on a smooth and firm surface
In an upright sitting position, head up
Lying on the stomach on a smooth and firm surface
None of the above
5. Recommended rate for effective compressions for adult/child is:
80 Compressions per minute
150 Compressions per minute
100 to 120 Compressions per minute
None of the above
6. When Checking for breathing, if you hear gasps:
The victim is breathing normally
Assume the victim is not breathing normally but do not proceed with CPR
Assume the victim is not breathing normally and do proceed with CPR
None of the above
7. It is not important to wait for the chest to come back to its original position after each compression
8. If the victim is breathing normally, but not responding you should
Proceed with administering CPR
Give mouth to mouth
Turn the victim to the side and wait for emergency personnel
None of the above
9. When performing infant CPR, the depth of the compression should be:
2 inches deep
1/3 to 1/2 the depth of the chest
3/4 the depth of the chest
5 cm
10. When administering CPR for children you should :
Do 3 reps of compressions, 30 each with 2 breaths 1 second long, then call EMS
Do 7 reps of compressions, 30 each with 2 breath 1 second long, then call EMS
Call EMS first, then proceed with compression reps until the arrival
Do 5 reps of compressions, 30 each with 2 breaths 1 second long, then call EMS
11. When performing adult CPR, the depth of compression should be:
at least 2 inches deep
2/12 inches deep
3 inches deep
None of the above
12. A in CAB stands for Airway
13. When finding carotid artery, you are looking to check adult or child victim's:
Blood Flow
None of the above
14. Chances of brain death are likely if the heart stopped ________ ago
More than 10 minutes
0-4 minutes
6-8 minutes
None of the above
15. If not comfortable with your abilities to perform CPR, you should:
Overcome discomfort and perform CPR steps anyway
Do not do anything
Call 911 and perform external chest compressions
None of the above
16. What is the most important reason to be aware of your location
In case you get separated from the victim, you know where to find him
When calling 911, you need to inform them of your location
For safety purposes
None of the above