CPR - Clear Airway

1.  As with adult, place the child on his/her back on a firm surface.

2.  Kneel next to the child's neck and shoulders.  To open the airway, place your palm on the forehead to carefully tilt the head back and lift the chin forward with your other hand. 

3.  Then you must check for signs of life for no longer than 10 second. Place your ear over the mouth of the victim, and also place your two fingers (watch the video) on the carotid artery to feel the pulse. While counting from 10 to 0 listen if the victim is breathing and/or has a pulse (Difference 2).

4.  If no signs of life observed, proceed to B.

Important: As with adult, gasping for air is not considered normal breathing, so you should proceed with CPR immediately. If child is breathing, roll him/her onto his or her side, and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.